Six Adorable Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is a holiday that often stirs strong opinions. Some see it as a fun celebration, while others may prefer to overlook this stateside tradition. Nonetheless, if you are a parent of a very young baby, whether an infant or a few months old, you might be looking forward to celebrating their first Halloween together.

To help you prepare for this special occasion and mark your baby's first Halloween on your My Baby Days 'All My Firsts' milestones print, we've gathered some cute first costume ideas for you:

1. Adorable Pumpkin 

For a classic costume, dress your baby as an adorable pumpkin. A soft and comfortable onesie with a pumpkin-shaped hood will make everyone smile. If your baby can sit up unaided, you can even create a real pumpkin seat.


Photo @goodmorning_mrs_g
Photo @ylisa_torres
Photo @_deuxpetits_onze

2. Witch or Wizard in the Making 

Transform your baby into a budding witch or wizard with a little black dress and a pointed hat. Opt for a foam wand to complete the enchanting look.


Photos @amandine_etsesminis

3. Funny Foods 

Let your creativity run wild by turning your baby into a variety of funny foods. Choose a baby tamago sushi or dress them as a cute mushroom with an adorable mushroom-shaped hat. You could also opt for a grape costume.


Photo: @fannyhaag
Photo by @lauraiz
Photo by @breedieckmann


4. Cute Animals 

Animal costumes are always a safe choice. Whether it's a bunny, a little puppy, an adorable teddy bear, a tiny mouse, or even a baby giraffe, your baby will look adorable in an animal costume.

bébé déguisé en lion
Photo by @hangitupla
bébé déguisé en sourisPhoto by @aspenandcompany
bébé déguisé en girafe avec ses parents en tenue de safariPhoto by @tammywins
bébé déguisé en chiotPhoto by @shelb_ditch
bébé déguisé en petit lapinPhoto by @jennycipoletti

5. Movie Characters

For film-loving parents, dress your baby as a famous film character. Whether it's a little Harry Potter or the baby from 'The Hangover,' your baby will be the star of the party.


bébé déguisé en Winnie l'ourson avec son pot de mielPhoto by @lindseyhull_
bébé déguisé en personnage de Very Bad Trip avec son papa déguisé aussiPhoto by @alexa.anglin
bébé déguisé en Harry Potter sur son balai magiquePhoto by @patpat_clothing
bébé déguisé en Batman / chauve sourisPhoto by @malabrigoyarn

6. Little Granny or Grandpa 

For a fun and original costume, transform your baby into a little granny or grandpa. A grey wig, glasses, and a small cane will make your little one the center of attention.

bébé déguisé en vieille damePhoto by MILK KB
Deux bébés déguisés en mamiesPhoto by @enmodemel

When choosing a costume for your baby, make sure it's age-appropriate and safe for them. Babies are delicate, so it's essential that the costume is comfortable and free of small parts that could be ingested.

In the end, Halloween can just be another way to spend some quality time as a family. If you decide to celebrate this holiday with your baby, don't forget to take photos of their first Halloween and please feel free to share them with us on Instagram!

Whether you're a staunch Halloween enthusiast or a skeptic, dressing your baby in an adorable costume is an excellent way to create precious memories. Have a great time and we hope that you enjoy your baby's first Halloween as a family.


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